These words mean «the world of Bauls». A concert given by the group Baul Bishwa is an invitation to discover this world. The group was named by Bapi Das Baul who above all wishes to share his culture and music with others. Bapi is the representative of the eighth generation of the most talented and famous Baul family in India, his cultural roots are very important to him. Since his infancy he has been taught by his father Purna Das Baul to sing, play instruments and to practice Baul meditation.

Bapi has brought about an evolution of Baul music, working mainly on the rhythm and a new way of singing, although on stage he continues to use only traditional instruments: usually several percussionists, a flutist and a Dotara (kind of mandolin) player. The musicians are all united by this «madness» (in the sense of inspiration) that is characteristic of Baul mystics. They don’t only play their instruments, but also sing and dance. Their ability to improvise is equaled only by their love of this music, that give them energy and happiness, communicated between themselves and to the audience. The women dancer brings grace and lightness in wild duets with Bapi. It is there that we reach the most intense moments of pure joy that occur during the traditional major Baul assemblies in India : the Mela.

Bapi is very keen to be on stage with his mother: Manju Das, the famous folk singer and his father Purna Das Baul who is the most well known and respected Baul in India. He received the title of Baul Samrat «the Emperor of Bauls», from the President Rajendra Prasad in 1967. His father Nabani Das Baul was a famous yogi who composed a lot of music for Rabindranath Tagore’s poems and who wrote many songs. It is because of him that Tagore became so deeply interested in the Baul movement.

The beauty and the emotion of Purna Das Baul’s voice rapidly gave him popularity. Above all, he was the first Baul to tour abroad. He too made his music evolve by developing new vocal techniques. He has written and composed numerous songs and recorded many albums in India, but also in the USA, in Europe and in Japan. A film has been made on his life story. In India he is considered as a star.

As Purna did before him Bapi doesn’t hesitate to join other groups. His irresistible rhythm and traditional instruments have attracted the interest of groups such as Zapmama (for whom he composed and recorded the song India on the CD Sabsylma) Joseph Archer, Fun-da-mental, Eat Static, Transglobal Underground (with whom he composed and recorded the song Body Machine on th CD Rejoice rejoice) and Natacha Atlas. One of his composition is part of the soundtrack of Tony Gatliff’s film: «Mondo». He created a new group «Senses» fusion with his traditional music and electronic sounds, played on acoustic instruments by musicians coming from any part of the world.

In India also Baul Bishwa is much appreciated by the public who recognize in Bapi a new generation, proud to perpetuate this living tradition. You will be enchanted to discover to what extent traditional Indian music is joyful and make you feel to dance.